Managing the school’s medication management plan

Depending on your school’s overall prescription drug abuse prevention effort, a medication management plan (MMP) can be a critical part of controlling how and when your students have access to prescription drugs in the school.

An MMP typically sets out policies and procedures that detail:

  • How and when a student may bring prescription medications to school, for use during the school day.
  • What permissions are required for a student to take prescription medications during the school day.
  • Whether the students take the prescription medications on their own or if a designated staff member must administer prescription medication to students.
  • Whether the prescription medications should be stored only in a nurse’s office or administrator’s office, or if the student may carry the prescription medication.
  • What records the school must keep regarding administration of doses or inventory of prescription medication stored on behalf of students.

As a health professional, school nurses are often responsible for managing MMPs and administering prescription medications.