School Administrators FAQ

Students may need to take a prescription medication at school. It’s best to have a formal policy — a medication management plan (MMP) — that governs how the school regulates medications for any students who require prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications during the school day.

In most cases, whenever students must take medications at school, MMPs require written permission from the parents, along with instructions from a physician. Some schools require that all medications be administered only by a school nurse, counselor, or other authorized staff — who must maintain possession of the medication and information about its name and dosage, and keep detailed records of the times, dates, and doses administered. Other schools may allow students to carry their own medications, but the medications must be administered under the supervision of a school nurse or other staff.

MMPs may also include exceptions for students to carry certain types of medications, such as asthma inhalers, which students may administer themselves as needed.